Python is a high level programming language created by Guido van Rossum. It has a very simple and easy to learn syntax, which gives it high readability. This is accomplished by its lack of semicolons and curly braces that other languages use, such as C++ and Java.

Python supports modules and packages which makes it very easy for code to be reused. It also makes it simple for others to improve the language by providing their own modules for others to use. There are thousands of modules on the Python Package Index for you to use.

Many things can be accomplished with Python such as making websites, creating your own games, creating your own web crawler and much much more.

Getting Started

Getting Started Image

Maybe have a play around on Trinket


Install Python and try this

Lets do some very basic Python and get Python to copy us.

Step 1: After installing Python, look for and open IDLE

Step 2: Write the following code below:

print("Hello, World")

The program should've copied what you said in the brackets.

Try getting Python to copy more phrases!

Coding Cards

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