Kano provides creative computers anyone can build and code. The journey is guided by engaging storybooks and plug-and-play pieces, before diving into an open-source OS to navigate computing basics. Gamified challenges guide the way through coding art, music, worlds in Minecraft, and much more.

They are the creative computing choice for over 900 education programs around the world, empowering over 120,000 young innovators in 86 countries. They have been highlighted by world leaders, such as Theresa May, as the beacon of build-it-yourself tech for beginners of all ages.


Use the contact options below to get in touch with Kano.


Kano provides lesson plans, design challenges and projects that can be self-guided or led by an adult, parent or educator. They're also mapped to the UK curriculum. Their website has resources that support the onboarding process as well as creating in Minecraft, Scratch, and on Kano's own OS: Make Art, Light and Apps.

These range in difficulty to suit all ability groups. If you have a challenge idea, contact Kano using the method above and they will create it for you.

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