Primo HQ
Unit 19, 14 Southgate Road
London, N1 3LY
+44 (0)20 3096 7436

Primo Toys is the leading purveyor of hands-on smart toys that introduce computer programming skills in early years. They are here to build a new standard in early learning and coding.

They make smart, screen-less toys that introduce children to programming, powered by a unique programming language you can touch. These toys are specifically designed for children in pre-literate years and provide fun learning for curious minds with big imaginations.

Their first product, Cubetto, is a playful wooden robot that helps girls and boys aged 3 and up in learning computer programming without screens or literacy, all over the world.

Praised by Fast Company as "revolutionary", Cubetto is the most crowdfunded educational technology invention in Kickstarter's history, raising $2.4m from backers in 96 countries. Cubetto is powered by the first programming language you can touch, allowing children to learn and explore real programming through storytelling and hands-on play.


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The Primo Toys Playroom provides games, activities and education blogs to make the most of learning to code with Cubetto, the friendly wooden robot teaching the basics of computer programming to children aged 3 and up.

Their Education page provides resources for teachers including a Teacher's Guide to getting started with Cubetto and hours of lesson plans to help teach computational thinking with Cubetto.

Activity: Create and navigate a maze. Build and explore a maze in minutes with Cubetto. Flip your World Map upside down. Write a search algorithm, try something new.

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Our wonderful friends at Primo Toys are proud to offer all club members discounts on all their products. Use the following product code: CoderDojo5OFF

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