Assist a Dojo

Assist at one of our Dojos

It doesn't matter if you're a veteran coder or have no technical experience, we're always looking for awesome volunteers to assist at a local Dojo!

CoderDojo is an opportunity to inspire the next generation of digital makers by teaching them to code in a fun and sociable environment.

At CoderDojo, ninjas learn to build apps, games, and websites. It makes learning to code a fun and sociable experience.

Learning is led by the young people - there is no set curriculum. We encourage our volunteer mentors to share their knowledge in areas they are passionate about.

CoderDojo is a great learning experience for our mentors as well the young people, many enjoy networking with other mentors and collaborating.

How can I assist?

Volunteer for a couple of hours, whether that's weekly, fortnightly or (for most Dojos) monthly. To find your local Dojo, click here.

No technical expertise?

No problem! We need awesome people to help with registration, assist younger ninjas with comprehension and explaining (E.g. what a negative number is) or just to be around to encourage them to find the answer themselves. Any assistance is always appreciated!

Ready-made resources!

We have loads of resources to get you started as a volunteer, and you can always create and share your own. Find out more on the resources pages.